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Projects in CAIS benefit from the availability of two research laboratories funded by two grants from the National Science Foundation through the MRI program.

Humanoid Robotics Lab

The humanoid robotics lab features a HOAP 3 humanoid robot, and a humanoid torso composed by two Barrett arms equipped with the Barrett Hand. The lab includes a six-camera motion caption system to track the position of the robots and the objects being manipulated.

Current research projects include algorithms for cooperative manipulation of flexible objects, and full body locomotion.

The lab is located in the Science and Engineering building (room 290) and was established thanks to the NSF grant BCS 0821766.  For more information, please contact Prof. Stefano Carpin.

Here is our HOAP-3 in action:

Motion Capture and Visualization Lab

The Motion Capture and Visualization Lab, also known as the Powerwall Room, is located in COB268 and features a 10-camera full-body motion capture system in front of a multi-tile 3D visualization display. The facility was established thanks to the NSF award CNS-0723281, and was designed for supporting research on motion capture and full-body immersive user interfaces. Examples of recent research developed in the facility can be found in the graphics lab research pages.

The following images depict the laboratory construction, its use in many regular demonstrations performed, and its use for research on full-body user interfaces.

For more information, please contact Prof. Marcelo Kallmann.


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